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Doggie Day Camp

This program is full. No new pets are currently being accepted.

What is Day Camp?
Day camp is a great opportunity for your dog to get a lot of exercise and attention from our staff. Day camp dogs will enjoy a day of outdoor play every 2.5 hours – time frame dependent on their choice of play and weather, they can run and play, chase a ball, jump in a pool and have fun with our staff and a few furry friends if they choose! Other times they can relax in a climate controlled room with toys, kongs and treats of your choice. Usually they will be “pleasantly pooped” when they get home and happily relax by your side. Day camp is a great option for pet parents who need daily pup supervision or just some one-on-one attentive care while you are at work, play or just need a break for a bit.

Day camp hours: Monday - Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

We also offer half day day camp but ALL participants MUST BE CHECKED IN BEFORE NOON, this allows the dogs to have a set play schedule and take advantage of play with friends when able! Pups that don’t socialize well can play with our staff – we have lots of toy options and play equipment.

Day Camp pricing:
See Daycamp Forms section faq document for list of prices

From Us to You… We are dedicated to providing the highest quality care for your dog and the best customer service to you! If you ever have a question or concern we encourage you to bring it to our attention.

Thank you for choosing ALL FUR Fun!

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